Bui Research Group

cell-based Models & therapeutics

About us

Our research focuses on developing in vitro models and platforms to understand the biology of a variety of diseases ranging from cancers and cardiovascular diseases in humans to pathogenic bacterial diseases in plants. 

The research is highly interdisciplinary and at the interface of nano/micro-technology, biomaterials, cell biology and microbiology. Our work covers a wide range of scientific and engineering areas, including micro-manufacturing, microfluidics, nanomaterials, cell/tissue engineering and drug delivery. 

We have opened positions for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students from different backgrounds (biology, bioengineering, premed, biochemistry) to join the research group. 

Lab Address: University of Dayton, SC-236

Email: lbui01@udayton.edu

Find us from twitter @loantbui and instagram @cmigrationlab